Complaints and safeguarding


This is our hub for making a complaint or raising a safeguarding concern.

File a complaint

This is where you can file a complaint about someone breaking our code of conduct.

Report a minor issue

If someone hasn’t broken our code of conduct but there is a minor issue you would like to be investigated, you can use this form to let us know.

Report a safeguarding concern

If you have a safeguarding concern, you can use this form so we can deal with the issue.


If you would like to raise a whistleblowing issue then use this form to report it.

Read our procedures

Here you can see how our complaints, safeguarding, whistleblowing, minor issues and code of conduct procedures work.


These diagrams visually show how our complaints, minor issue, whistleblowing and safeguarding procedures work.

Training resources

In this section we have training resources for those in or complaints team, complaints committee, our safeguarding team or our Pastoral Care Officer.

Safeguarding, complaints and pastoral care team​

This contains our complaints team, our complaints committee and our safeguarding team.

Once you have submitted a form

This section gives you more information once you have submitted a complaint or report to us and who you can contact.