We support public services, boosting businesses, sustainability, equality of opportunity and giving individuals more power over democracy.

Our policies

Below we have our policies for each area of both government and the economy:

25 policies for progress

Our vision document

This plan sets out what a centrist and moderate United Kingdom would look like. It would be a country that takes the best ideas from both the left and the right and looks at what policies work in other countries. Therefore, we back both strong public services and boosting businesses by creating a free market economy.

Boosting business. We believe in less regulation and competitive markets. This includes collective bargaining and workers on company boards to agree deals with businesses just as they do in the Nordic countries.

Stronger public services: We support a comprehensive welfare state. This includes an education system based on Finland’s, prisons focused on reform as they have in Norway and a minimum income for anyone who is unemployed.

Vision for devolved states

Working together for Wales

We support a Wales which has stronger public services, makes doing business easier and gives the people of Wales more power over their future.

Working together for Scotland

We want a Scotland that uses the powers it has to improve public services and to campaign for a free market economy. We also want the Scottish parliament to campaign for more powers including powers over social security and the ability to hold independence referendums.

Working across communities

This vision is at its heart a vision for a Northern Ireland that heals the divides of the past and works to bring people together from every community.