Our vision


We support public services, boosting businesses, sustainability, equality of opportunity and giving individuals more power over democracy.



Education should be about improve the life chances of students and providing skills for the workforce of tomorrow. Just like Finland, our system should nurture creativity and ensure students can access an equally good quality of education.


We want to grow the economy, to support businesses, to create more jobs and to give workers more power in businesses. This means reducing regulation, a simple taxation system and handing workers more power.


We want to protect the NHS and to expand the services it delivers to include mental and physical health along with social care. This is alongside modernisation of NHS services and an increase in funding.


We want to save our planet and to protect our environment. This means we want to make it advantageous for businesses to be environmentally friendly and the government should invest in renewables.


We believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed in life and that we can tackle these inequalities. This includes for women, ethnic minority, LGBTQ+ people and all other minority individuals.


We support a more accountable, democratic and transparent government where power is held closer to individuals.

Social Security

We support a simple social security system to ensure more people who need help from the government receive it. The system should ensure no-one falls below the poverty line whilst also reducing the costs the existing system spends on administration.


There is an urgent need for new houses in the UK with high levels of homelessness and unaffordable housing. We believe the government needs to focus on increasing the number of houses available and fight against rising levels of homelessness.


We need significant upgrades to both our rail and road infrastructure so traveling long distances is easier. This will both help with moving towards greener transport and connecting up businesses.

Foreign affairs

We support the UK being an outward looking country that supports free trade and globalisation. This means strengthening the United Nations, signing new free trade deals and joining the European Free Trade Association.


The justice system in the UK needs to be based off a system of reforming prisoners and helping them to move away from crime. The focus here is on reducing the number of people reoffending. We also seek to reduce the disadvantages people may face due to their background.

Culture, Media and Sport

The UK needs an open and accountable media. We also need to ensure internet users have more power over their personal information and that we deal with large dominant media companies that have too much control over the media.


Whilst the pandemic has isolated people, we need to ensure that once the pandemic is over, we try to bring communities back together. This means helping to create stronger and more connected local communities where people have places to meet up and get to know each other.


Working Together to support public services and back businesses

This plan sets out what a centrist and moderate United Kingdom would look like. It would be a country that takes the best ideas from both the left and the right and looks at what policies work in other countries. Therefore, we back both strong public services and boosting businesses by creating a free market economy.

Funding our plan: Funding our policies to support public services and boost businesses

The funding document for our vision.

Working together for Scotland

We want a Scotland that uses the powers it has to improve public services and to campaign for a free market economy. We also want the Scottish parliament to campaign for more powers including powers over social security and the ability to hold independence referendums.

Working together for Wales

We support a Wales which has stronger public services, makes doing business easier and gives the people of Wales more power over their future.

Working across communities

This vision is at its heart a vision for a Northern Ireland that heals the divides of the past and works to bring people together from every community.