Our vision

Culture, media and sport

Policies in this section only affect the UK

The UK needs an open and accountable media. We also need to ensure internet users have more power over their personal information and that we deal with large dominant media companies that have too much control over the media.

Go ahead with Leveson 2. Leveson 2 will look into the relationship between the police and journalists. There needs to be further investigation into what went wrong and how phone hacking can be prevented from happening in the future. We also fully support the ‘hacked off’ campaign that supports Leveson 2.

Strengthen the Competition and Markets Authority. We want to strengthen their power to deal with media organisations with too much power and to break up organisations that hold excessive power that threatens competition. Competition is vital both with print media and digital media to ensure monopolies and oligopolies don’t form.

Scrap the BBC licence fee. The BBC licence fee affects the poor far more than the rich as a result of the fixed fee for a TV licence. It should instead be funded through Income Tax with an independent commission set up to decide how much money the BBC requires.

An Independent Press Regulator. The current organisation that has the largest role in regulating the press is the Independent Press Standards Organisation. Its inaction means a new independent organisation needs to be set up in order to regulate the press. We believe changes such as ensuring corrections to newspapers should be in the same size and page as the original story would help to tackle inaccurate stories in newspapers.

A digital bill of rights. This would set out the rights people have on the internet which companies would have to follow. This would both protect individuals from abuse and clearly show companies what rules they need to follow. This would both be UK legislation and we would support a bill of rights also being put in place by the United Nations.

A BBC watchdog. This would investigate complaints about the conduct of BBC staff or their programs and then rule on them. Members of staff could then be compelled to step down in the most serious cases.