We run events where panels discuss our policies, papers and speak to individuals about their experiences in politics. You can see all of our events below:

Past events:

Fairer property taxes:

The UK has multiple property taxes including stamp duty, council tax and business rates. We look what should happen to this system and whether it needs to be simplified. It included Peter Fox MS who is the Senedd Shadow Minister for Finance, Tom Spencer of London New Liberals, Shreya Nanda of the IPPR, Andrew Dixon the founder of Fairer Share and from Centre Torrin Wilkins and Jasneet Samrai.

Better mental health support:

This event focused on how we improve mental health support and our new paper on the issue. It also included a question and answer session mainly focusing on how we ensure social media companies do their part to protect the mental health of people using their sites.

US election night 2020:

On US election night our panel reacted live to the results of the race between Biden and Trump to the White House. We had a mix of guests including William Kedjanyi who gave us the betting odds throughout the night.