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Centre is fully transparent. This means all of our donors, the amount they donate, commissions, all contracts we sign and our spending is public. We also ensure funded research or sponsorships are clearly labelled. This transparency is vital if our research is to be trusted and for our role in the political system is to be clearly understood.

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of our donations are publicly available

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of our spending is publicly available

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of our contracts and invoices are released publically

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of sponsored or commissioned content is clearly labled

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of our money goes back into our work or wages




Past income and spending


  • Garvin Brown for a commissioned paper: £10,000
  • Joseph Hughes through the patrons network: £2
  • Jack Meredith, individual donation: £1.26
  • Richard Martin, individual donation: £1.26
  • Colin Boyle, individual donation: £1.26
  • Mark Yelland, founder of the Greens For Nuclear Energy campaign, individual donation: £1.26
  • Marie Zabell, part of the Joan Pye Project, individual donation: £1.26



  • Twitter paid features for Twitter Blue: £100.80
  • domain name for ten years: £217.07
  • Companies House confirmation statement fee: £13


  • TRUE AND FAIR LIMITED, for a commissioned paper: £750
  • Joseph Hughes through the patrons network: £14
  • Dr David Cann through the patrons network: £2.01
  • William Burrows, individual donation: £5



  • ICO payment: £35
  • Coconut banking software: £10.80
  • WordPress pro: £111.35
  • WordPress email: £24.68
  • Elementor: £45.46
  • Registered office through Office Serv: £24


  • Joseph Hughes, individual donation: £13.96
  • Excluded Unity Alliance, payment for a commissioned paper: £250
  • Torrin Wilkins, individual donation: £228



  • Two years of WordPress Premium plan: £168.00
  • Banking costs: £30.60
  • ICO: £35.00
  • HMRC: £76.00
  • Vistaprint: £21.35

Total of £330.95

Travel expenses

Excluded Unity Alliance rally, Liverpool and London: £197.60


  • Liberals for EFTA, individual donation: £150
  • Torrin Wilkins, individual donation: £160.01
  • Rowen Wilkins, individual donation: £4.55



  • £300 for the building and hosting of our original website by Ryan Frendo.

Total of £300

Contracts and invoices

We also released contracts for commissioned papers, sponsored papers and sponsored events. This means you can see exactly what influence organisations do and don’t have for events and papers they are involved in. These are available on the project pages below:

"Following the money" paper

In 2023 Garvin Brown commissioned the paper “Following the money”. Below you can see the full terms and the invoice for the paper:

"Closing loopholes" paper

In 2022 the True and Fair Party commissioned the paper “Closing loopholes”. Below you can see the full terms and the invoice for the paper:

"Skilling up" paper

The Excluded Unity Alliance commissioned the “Skilling up” paper. Whilst terms were not included for this paper Centre kept full editorial control for the paper. Below you can see the full invoice for the paper:

Commonly asked questions

Yes, we ensure all research or events which are sponsored or commissioned are clearly labelled. This allows individuals looking at our work to see exactly which individuals and organisations have funded the work. On our "Work with us" page we explain how you can see which papers or events are sponsored by other organisations.

We work with parties in the centre ground of UK politics. This means that whilst we do not endorse any political party we are not politically neutral. We also work with political parties on projects including funded prodjects which we have done in the past with smaller political parties.

We have specific rules on identifying funded work. This includes graphics about sponsored events and the specific paper covers including the logo of the organisation or individual funding it.

You can find out the different ways we receive donations on our "donate page". You can also find out more about who donates to us in our quarterly reports which are released at the end of each year.

You can find out the different ways we receive donations on our "donate" page" and on our "Work with us" page. You can also see our rules around donations on our "Donation rules" and our "Working with other organisations and individuals" documents.