As a think tank and pressure group, our main aim is to change policy. Below are some of the successes we have had campaigning for our policies to be implemented.

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Finding solutions for those excluded from income support schemes

We have published four papers on those who have been excluded from the governments income support schemes.

The first paper we published was called “Excluded to included” which set out multiple plans to include all of the large groups that have were excluded. The costings for the plan were also explained in the Gaps in Support All Party Parliamentary Group.

Our second paper called “Expanding furlough” looked at expanding the furlough scheme by including employees in the income support schemes. This received a response from the Treasury and was covered in the Yorkshire Post. The plan was also presented to the Gaps in Support All Party Parliamentary Group which contained 260 MPs by Torrin Wilkins. They later encouraged the government to look into this solution.

The third paper we published called for a public inquiry into the excluded looking at why people were excluded and how this can be prevented in the future. This paper was also covered in the Yorkshire Post twice and it also received a response from the Treasury.

The fourth paper added yet more solutions and offers a scheme designed to ease skills shortages as well.

Supporting UK membership of the Single Market

Both Centre and its predecessors New Liberals and Liberal Leave have supported membership of the Single Market. Our campaign mainly focused on changing Liberal Democrat policy on the issue to include membership of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the Single Market.

This included speeches by Torrin Wilkins in 2017, 2018 and 2019 at Liberal Democrat conference. He also debated two Liberal Democrat leaders on Brexit. This included debating Jo Swinson live on the BBC 2 program Victoria Derbyshire and Ed Davey on the Centrist Podcast during the 2020 Lib Dem leadership election.

Torrin also spoke on the radio about Brexit appearing on BBC 5 Live. He was also interviewed by Darren Adam on LBC on a second referendum.

In 2022 the Liberal Democrats adopted a policy that called for the UK to re-join the single market and didn’t include a commitment to re-join the Customs Union.