Our vision


We aim to change both individual policies and the conversation that happens around them. This happens through directly impacting policies, events to discuss policy issues, our podcast, articles and paper providing an in-depth exploration of policy ideas.

Impact in numbers

With our campaigns we aim to reach people across politics through social media, events and individual supporters.


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Policy progress

Below are some of the policies we support which were later adopted by political parties. Whilst change often involves multiple groups supporting a single policy, we also outline our campaign to change that policy.

APPG backing for our plan to support the self employed during the pandemic

During the pandemic we supported those who were excluded from the furlough and Self-Employed Income Support schemes. We published four papers with solutions, one of which was endorsed by the Gaps in Support APPG which contained 260 MPs, and the Treasury also responded to two of our papers. Centre also received widespread coverage of our campaign from the Yorkshire Post. The Government did eventually moved the cut-off date for when employees needed to be with their employer to be eligible for the Job Retention Scheme. However. millions of others remained excluded.

A UK owned renewable energy producer

We support a government owned renewable energy company operating within the private energy market. This policy called for a government owned energy company which would build new solar farms, wind turbines and tidal power sources when energy prices are high. Two months later, Labour also supported a government owned renewable energy company operating within the private energy market called Great British Energy. This would be a government owned company focused on energy independence and to help us to reach our net-zero target.

Campaigning to change Liberal Democrat policy on the EU

Centre supports the UK re-joining the single market and has campaigned for the Liberal Democrats to adopt the same position. Our campaign included numerous TV and radio interviews alongside three speeches at Liberal Democrat conference. Torrin also debated Jo Swinson live on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire program and Ed Davey on the Centrist Podcast during the 2020 Lib Dem leadership election.

Creating True and Fair Party policy on tax loopholes

We were commissioned by the True and Fair Party, which is led by Gina Miller, to come up with a plan to close tax loopholes. Our paper on the issue was supported by True and Fair and they called on the government to adopt our recommendations. The True and Fair Party also created a policy on the issue of closing tax loopholes and included two of our proposals in their "Pre-election Manifesto".

Liberal Party policy

We worked with the Liberal Party on a wide range of policies. They adopted a Proportional Property Tax, merging income tax and national insurance,  not for profit water ownership, scrapping SATS, a Community Comprehensive School system, a new online education service, an NHS umbrella and a huge range of other polices.

A Lords debate on baby changing tables

Our paper "Space to change" formed part of the background evidence that was sent to Lord Kirkhope when he asked the government a question surrounding this issue on the 6th of June. This was followed by a debate with Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Crossbencher Lords.

Great British Energy Labour announcement 27th September 2022, our announcement on our meeting minutes on the 25th July 2022. The full policy can be found on the policy section of our website.

True and Fair Party pre election manifesto.