Centre is a think tank and a pressure group which supports strong public services and free markets. To promote this vision, we have members from across the UK from every party who we work with to create and promote centrist policies.

A vision for progress

This plan sets out what a centrist and moderate United Kingdom would look like. It would be a country that takes the best ideas from both the left and the right and looks at what policies work in other countries. Therefore, we back both strong public services and boosting businesses by creating a free market economy.

A free market economy. We believe in less regulation and competitive markets. This includes collective bargaining and workers on company boards to agree deals with businesses just as they do in the Nordic countries.

Stronger public services: We support a comprehensive welfare state. This includes an education system based on Finland’s, prisons focused on reform as they have in Norway and a minimum income for anyone who is unemployed.

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We campaign on a range of issues either collecting signatures or being part of in person events.

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Our papers are deep dives into certain areas of policy. They often include new research or policy ideas.

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Our articles are short pieces looking at specific policies. We have authors both inside and outside of Centre who bring their perspectives to each article.

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