Centre is a think tank and a pressure group which supports strong public services and free markets. To promote this vision, we have members from across the UK from every party who we work with to create and promote centrist policies.

A vision for progress

What will our economy and public services look like in 2030? That question is what is behind our vision for progress which shows how we could achieve our vision for both stronger public services and free markets. Whilst these are often seen as opposing ideas, we believe in combining them just as the Nordic countries have. It creates a strong economy that funds better public services and public services that create more educated and healthier workers to boost the economy. Our main proposals include:

A free market economy. We believe in less regulation and competitive markets. This includes collective bargaining and workers on company boards to agree deals with businesses just as they do in the Nordic countries.

Stronger public services: We support a comprehensive welfare state. This includes an education system based on Finland’s, prisons focused on reform as they have in Norway and a minimum income for anyone who is unemployed.

Latest campaign

Latest campaigns

Including the excluded

During the pandemic millions of people were unable to access the governments support schemes. This is our campaign to include more people which included three papers and an APPG appearance.

A second pandemic

This paper provides a new plan to protect and improve mental health within the UK. It does this by finding solutions for people at every stage of life tailored to their needs in early, middle and old age.  […]

Learning from Denmark on taxes

Centre views: The Nordic model is famous for three things; free markets, strong public services and high taxes. Free markets and strong public services are popular but […]

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