What we do:

Supporting Centrism

We are a centrist and moderate organisation. Our members include One Nation Conservatives, Social Liberals and Social Democrats.

Creating new ideas

We create new ideas to improve public services and the economy. This happens by researching issues and finding solutions for the problems that face the UK.

Working together

We work with people from a range of diffrent parties, viewpoints and organisations. This helps to achieve broader support for the issues we campaign on.

Our plan:

Backing businesses

Better public services means investing in better schools and hospitals. This supports people when they need it and creates happier, healthy and well educated workers.

Supporting public services

Backing businesses means making life easier for businesses. It involves simplifying the tax system, creating more new businesses and simplifying regulations. This will grow the economy and it will make more money for public services.

Latest articles:

  • Ending the war on drugs: tackling the injustice of our current policy

    Ending the war on drugs: tackling the injustice of our current policy

    The UK has the highest drug death rate in Europe, three times higher than the next country on the list, Germany. Drug deaths are at an all-time high, rising year-on-year. At Cranstoun, we believe there is a way to tackle this tragedy – and now. I have worked extensively in policing policy – for five […]

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  • Getting serious about mental health

    Getting serious about mental health

    At the age of 17 I had left home, my future was uncertain and my mental health was dire. After being enlisted as a vulnerable child by social services I moved in for the half term to my ex’s house in Warrington while independent accommodation was negotiated for me so I could continue my education […]

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  • The land dividend

    The land dividend

    In 2020 and 2021, government spending rose by almost £400 billion, covering policies from furlough to free school meals. This spending dominated the national conversation, but as many of those programs wound down and inflation began to rise, the focus inevitably shifted to taxes. At the Autumn and Spring Budgets of 2021, the Chancellor announced […]

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Get involved:

To promote our vision we have members and branches across the UK. We also publish papers, policies, articles, podcasts, videos and we run events.

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