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In terms of economic activity, the United Kingdom (UK), with its stark contrast between the prosperous south east and other less affluent areas, is one of the most unequal of the world’s developed states.

This statutory instrument, which outlined the planning controls on different types of physical adverts in public places, was the last time that advertising regulations were updated.

The land dividend The case for taxing land and redistributing the profits. In 2020 and 2021, government spending rose by almost £400

Comparing Rishi Sunak’s plan to a single universal payment Comparing the governments support schemes with a universal payment. Today, the Chancellor of

As part of Centre’s series of events, we explored whether nuclear energy is needed in a low carbon net-zero energy system or whether its costs and risks are too high.

The Rwanda deal is not the solution Trying the effectiveness argument The UK government has introduced a new migration policy. It threatens

Regular writers

Nicola Biggerstaff

Regular writer

By Nicola Biggerstaff, Policy Co-ordinator at Common Weal Scotland.

Torrin Wilkins

Director and Founder

Torrin founded Centre in 2020. In the role has written numerous papers including one backed by the Gaps in Support APPG which contained 260 MPs. He has also written policies for political parties and appeared on a wide range of media including TV and radio. He has a Political Studies degree from Aberystwyth University.

Articles from organisations

The work Compass in pink writing. The "C" contains the letter "O".


Compass is a pressure group which supports a more equal, democratic and sustainable future.
The Centre logo in pink with the words "Business Network" in blue underneath.

Centre for London Think Tank

The Centre for London Think Tank advocates for a fair and prosperous global city. It researches and organises events aimed at developing new solutions to the capital's critical challenges.
The word "DOCTORS" and underneath is a snake with red and black patches around a globe. Under this is the words "IN UNITE".

Doctors In Unite

Doctors in Unite is a trade union for doctors and is affiliated with the Unite Union.
The words "COMMON WEAL" on top of a line connected to a triangle in the middle.

Common Weal Think Tank

Common Weal is a Scottish pro-independence think tank and advocacy group which campaigns for social and economic equality in Scotland.
The word "NHS" in blue with a heart monitor in black and a red stamp next to it with the words "NOT FOR SALE". Under this is the words "Keep Our NHS Public" in blue writing.

Keep Our NHS Public

Keep Our NHS Public campaigns to reverse privatisation within the NHS.
The word "UNLOCK" in purple apart from the "O" which is in turquoise. Under this is the word "Democracy" in turquoise.

Unlock Democracy

Unlock Democracy supports a more participatory democracy in Britain, founded upon a written constitution.
The word "LABOUR" in red writing with the words "FOR ELECTORAL REFORM" in black writing next to it. This is all contained in a black box with one corner missing. There is a line across this corner.

Labour For Electoral Reform

Labour For Electoral Reform supports the Labour party to adopt in its manifesto a commitment to proportional representation in all UK elections.
On a red background the words "POLITICS FOR THE MANY" are in red. The word "MANY" is underlined with a thick white line.

Politics For The Many

Politics For The Many are Trade Unionists supporting Proportional Representation.
The Letters "LCDPR" with a Labour rose between the "C" and the "D". Each letter is in its own red square. Under this is the words "Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform" in red.

Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform

The Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform (LCDPR) aims to provide a forum for the Labour members and supporters to debate and shape Labour's drug policy.
A yellow Liberal Democrat bird with a purple square around it. Under this is the words "Liberal Democrats for Electoral Reform".

Liberal Democrats for Electoral Reform

Liberal Democrats for Electoral Reform campaign for Proportional Representation to be adopted within the UK.
The words "HEALTH CAMPAIGNS TOGETHER" in blue. The word "TOGETHER" is in bold and the first "O" is a heart with the words "#ourNHS" in.

Health Campaigns Together

Health Campaigns Together campaigns against cuts to the NHS and privatisation.
The word "Cranstoun" in purple and the "U" is in orange. Below this is the words "Empowering People, Empowering Change" in orange.


Cranstoun is a social justice and harm reduction charity. They believe in reducing harm, standing up for social justice and empowering change, today. You can read our full partnership agreement here.
The letters "VF" on a black background.


Centre partnered with Volteface to work with them on drug policy reform. They work with us on articles focusing on how the UK can reduce the harm drugs pose to individuals and society.
The words "Green Schools project" with all of the letters in either green, blue, orange or turquoise. Some of the letters are replaced with objects, with the "T" instead being a telegraph poll and the "O" being a sun.

Green Schools Project

The Green Schools Project helps schools to move towards zero carbon emissions and to improve their understanding of climate change.
The words "Make Votes Matter" with the "O" being made out of a multi coloured pie chart. Each word is on a diffrent colour with "Make" on a purple background, "Votes" on a white background including a faded image of a crowd behind it and finally "Matter" on a green background.

Make Votes Matter

Centre is a member of the Make Votes Matter Alliance. Centre works with Make Votes Matter to support a fairer voting system for the UK and we regularly attend their quarterly meetings.

Priced Out

The Priced Out campaign is a non-profit organisation campaigning for government action on British residential property market prices.
The word "Parentkind" in white with a purple background.


Parentkind is a national charity which aims to gives those with a parenting role a voice in education and to rise funds for schools.
An orange circle with yellow lines around it. Next to this is the words "Private Education Policy Forum".

Private Education Policy Forum

Private Education Policy Forum (PEPF) is a think tank which aims to significantly reduce inequalities relating to private schools and private education.
The words "POLICY ENGINE" in blue with two angled lines beside the words.

Policy Engine

Centre partnered with PolicyEngine to create costed policy proposals. They also write articles for Centre and help to cost papers proposing spending policies.
The words "Adfree Cities" on a turquoise background.

Adfree Cities

A network of groups challenging corporate outdoor advertising and reclaiming public space for art, community and nature.
The words "Make Votes Count" in black writing on a white background. The "V" in "Votes" is part of a larger "X" with a dot at the top making the outline of a person.

Make Votes Count

Make Votes Count is the campaign for a fairer voting system, bringing together all those organisations and individuals wanting to change the way we elect MPs.