Response to the Treasury statement on “Expanding Furlough”

We would like to thank the Treasury and the Gaps in Support APPG for their willingness to engage with our plan today. The statement from the Treasury highlighted the important work by the government to support employees and the self-employed during this crisis. Whilst this is very positive, we would also like to work together […]


Integration today or a return to violence tomorrow

It is a generally acknowledged fact that the conflict in Northern Ireland known as the ‘Troubles’ was caused by and fought along not just political lines but also along sectarian ones. Thirty-eight years of bloodshed, loss and destruction until finally both sides did what any sensible human being should do…talk. They agreed to a ceasefire […]

Foreign Affairs

A third way on nuclear weapons’

Despite years of reducing the number of nuclear weapons’ the UK has the government has changed course. After the Defence review by the government the cap on the number of nuclear weapons will now rise from 180 warheads to 260. I can’t find a reason for this beyond something from an insider who supposedly spoke […]