Our supporters network includes individuals who support the core aims of Centre. They advise us on policy and help us to campaign on diffrent issues.

Disclaimer: Our supporters are independent and do not necessarily have links to each other, support each other or support every Centre policy. Centre also does not nessicarily agree with every policy position or statement they have made.


This includes both current and former parliamentarians for both Westminster and devolved parliaments.

Stephen Hammond MP

Stephen is the Conservative MP for Wimbledon and has been since winning the seat in 2005. He served as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport (2012-14) and a Minister of State at the Department of Health and Social Care (2018-19). He is also the Chair of the Town Centres All Party Parliamentary Group. Stephen previously had a successful career in finance, leading fund house management and working for major investment banks.

Peter Fox MS OBE

Peter is the Shadow Minister for Finance in the Welsh Parliament (Senedd) and the Conservative Member for Monmouth. He has also been on both the Finance Committee and the Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee. He previously led Monmouthshire County Council from 2008 to 2021 and negotiated the £1.3 Billion Capital Region City Deal.

Stephen Lloyd

Stephen was the MP for Eastbourne from 2010 to 2015 and 2017 to 2019. His front bench roles included Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Northern Ireland, the DWP and in the coalition government, as PPS to the Environment Secretary. He was also Chair of multiple APPG’s, such as one on apprentiships, trading standards, disability, micro-finance and further education. The Independent newspaper once remarked “a political system that can produce elected representatives like this may well be as good as it gets.” Lloyd describes his political views as being liberal, centrist, moderate.

Suzy Davies

Suzy was the South Wales West Conservative member of the Senedd between 2011 until 2021. She also held Shadow Ministerial positions including Education, Social Services and Tourism, Culture and the Welsh Language. Alongside this Suzy also ran to be Welsh Conservative leader in 2018 and sat on multiple Senedd committees.

Parliamentary candidates

This includes parliamentary candidates for both Westminster and devolved parliaments.

Cllr Martin Goss

Martin is the Liberal Democrat group leader in Colchester Council and is a Parliamentary spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats. In the 2019 general election he also stood as the parliamentary candidate in Colchester.

Cllr Leena Farhat

Leena was the Liberal Democrat candidate in Clwyd South at the 2021 Senedd election, is a Llanfairfechan Town councillor and sits as trustee of the Institute for Welsh Affairs.

Rhys Jones

Rhys is a former parliamentary candidate for the Welsh Senedd elections. He is a strong advocate for mental health reform, having had first hand experience himself of crisis. Professionally, Rhys has spent over a decade working in the actuarial departments of a vast number of insurance companies, with first-hand experience of regulator interaction. His political beliefs are of the centre, where markets meet protection of society.

Cllr Alec Sandiford

Alec is the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate and spokesperson for Stone. He is also the Chair of Stafford and Stone Liberal Democrats, a Parish Councillor for Forsbrook and Fulford and the Borough cllr candidate for Fulford.

Mark Bray-Parry

Mark was the Green Party 2019 Parliamentary Candidate for Guildford.

Council level

This includes both sitting councillors and council candidates. Our councillors can be from any level of local government including District, Parish, Town, Community, Borough and County Councils.

Cllr James Steel

James is a Liberal Democrat Councillor for Westborough (Guildford) and he is the lead Councillor for Environment. He has also been a Housing Activist with groups such as Surrey, Cut the Rent and Guildford Private Renters Association in the past.

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Cllr Daniel Laycock

Daniel Laycock is a Town Councillor for Eynesbury in St Neots for the Green Party, the Regional Leader of the Eastern Green Party and the Treasurer for LGBTIQA+ Greens. Previously Daniel has been a senior member of RemainerNow and he was the founder of the poll aggregator Green Elects.

Danny Simm

Danny was the Liberal Democrat council candidate in Abram Ward, Wigan, and also serves on the North West executive of the Liberal Democrats. He is also a broadcaster and journalist, with a background in business & fundraising. His broadcasting career currently includes presenting drivetime on Bolton FM in Lancashire.

Archie Barnett

Archie stood for Parish Council in Dawley Hamlets ward. He is a politics and journalism student at the University of Worcester, a member of the Liberal Democrats and has held multiple roles in the Telford Young People’s Forum.

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Image of Suzy Davies: By National Assembly for Wales from Wales – Suzy Davies AM, CC BY 2.0,

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