Our networks bring together likeminded organisations and individuals. We work with them on policy issues and our campaigns.


Our supporters network is made up of elected representatives, candidates and councillors with members from every major political party. They support our core goals, advise us on policy and help us to campaign on individual issues.


We have a number of partnerships with other organisations and political parties that we share common goals with. We work together with these groups on new papers and on new policy ideas.

Businesses​ membership

Become a business member and join us on our mission to create a sustainable and growing economy.


Our alumni are former members of our team who have now gone on to work in other areas of politics. This includes those who have gone on to work within government, political parties, think tanks and pressure groups.

Advisory Board

Our advisors provide expertise to our team on our growth as an organisation.

Journalists network

Our Journalists Network connects journalists with Centre press releases and our latest activities.

Academics network​

Our Academic Network connects academics and universities with our research programs.

Law network​

Our law network connects lawyers and those with an interest in law with our research programs.