We have a number of partnerships with other organisations and political parties that we share common goals with. We work together with these groups on new papers and on new policy ideas. Below are the partnerships we have agreed and links to their sites.


Cranstoun is a social justice and harm reduction charity. They have over 400 employees providing services such as their Housing First and Harm Reduction programs. Cranstoun believes in reducing harm, standing up for social justice and empowering change, today.
The words "Make Votes Matter" with the "O" being made out of a multi coloured pie chart. Each word is on a diffrent colour with "Make" on a purple background, "Votes" on a white background including a faded image of a crowd behind it and finally "Matter" on a green background.

Make Votes Matter

Make Votes Matter supports a fairer voting system. Its alliance is supported by 22 political parties alongside organisations, politicians and celebrities. Centre is a member of the Make Votes Matter Alliance and we regularly attend their quarterly meetings.
A yellow box with the words "LIFT THE BAN" in black and white.

Lift the Ban

Lift the Ban supports ending the ban that prevents asylum seekers from working when they come to the UK. Centre is one of 260 organisations that make up the Lift the Ban coalition which also includes Ben and Jerry's, Unison, Crisis and Amnesty International.

Liberal Conservatives

The Liberal Conservatives support progressive, pragmatic and aspirational values. They are endorsed by multiple Conservative MPs and Lords including Baroness Nicky Morgan and Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt.

Fairer Share

Fairer Share campaigns for a Proportional Property Tax. Centre was also included in the Fairer Share Manifesto, we signed their evidence to a parliamentary committee and signed their open letter to the Sunday Times. Centre also ran an event alongside their Founder Andrew Dixon on "Fairer property taxes".

Humanitarians Together

Humanitarians Together is Chaired by Lord Roger Roberts and focuses on humanitarian issues. Its meets in Parliament every month to discuss solutions to these issues. Their meetings have included the Royal Foundation of the Prince and Princess of Wales, Barka UK and the Citizens of the World Choir.

Labour Against Antisemitism

The aim of Labour Against Antisemitism is to eradicate antisemitic abuse from within the Labour party. We will work together with them to improve complaints systems within politics.

Tories for Climate Action

Tories for Climate Action support environmentalism within the Conservative Party.

Liberal Democrats ALTER

Liberal Democrats Action for Land Tax and Economic Reform (ALTER) support a Land Value Tax within the Liberal Democrats. They are an Associated Organisation of the Liberal Democrats.

Private Education Policy Forum

Private Education Policy Forum (PEPF) is the think tank for evidence and debate on reducing inequalities relating to UK private schools and education.


Centre partnered with Volteface to work with them on drug policy reform. They work with us on articles focusing on how the UK can reduce the harm drugs pose to individuals and society.
The words "Comprehensive future" in Purple.

Comprehensive Future

Centre is partnered with anti-academic selection group Comprehensive Future. We campaign with them on ending the 11+ test and selection at 10. Several members of out team have written articles for them and our Director was also on their Steering Committee during 2021.

Green Schools Project

The Green Schools Project helps schools to move towards zero carbon emissions and to improve their understanding of climate change.
The words "POLICY ENGINE" in blue with two angled lines beside the words.

Policy Engine

Centre partnered with PolicyEngine to create costed policy proposals. They also write articles for Centre and help to cost papers proposing spending policies.

Millbank Think Tank

Millbank is a not-for-profit, cross-party, independent, UK think tank. They make sure better policy is being made, for those it's made for.
The word "UBI" in a blue circle and the word "Center" next to it.

UBI Center

UBI Center researches Universal Basic Income policies and how we can tackle poverty.

Debated Podcast

The Debated Podcast is a podcast which has interviewed 8 MPs, four Lords and a wide range of academics and politicians. We regularly co-host our US election specials with them and there are multiple episode's where we discussed papers by Centre.

The British Toilet Association

The British Toilet Association Limited is a Not-for-Profit Members Organisation working to promote the highest standards of hygiene and provision in all “away from home” toilet facilities across the UK.

Not a day for soundbites

An original podcast series looking at some of the Labour Party's most iconic speeches which includes an episode with former Labour Leader Neil Kinnock.

Labour campaign against sexual violence

The Stopit campaign is a labour campaign to end sexual harassment, abuse or misconduct.

Reshaping our Education

Reshaping our education partnered with Centre as we both support increased funding for schools and improving our education system.

End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey

End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey wants to reform the Island's approach to cannabis. We partnered with them to support reforming the Island's approach to cannabis law.

Sheppey is Ours

Sheppey is Ours is a local group focusing on issues such as a protecting the environment and engaging the local community in politics.


Partnership details

This document sets out what being a supporter means. Our partners are independent and do not necessarily have links to each other, support each other or support every Centre policy. Centre also does not nessicarily agree with every policy position or statement they have made.

Partnership with Cranstoun

This document sets out the terms for our partnership with the Charity Cranstoun.

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