Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about Centre you can find answers to the questions we are asked most often below:

What is a think tank?

Being a think tank means we research new or existing policy ideas. Research involves looking into policies, finding out whether they will work and then supporting or opposing them.

What is a pressure group?

Pressure groups try to influence both what the public think and government policy. We do this through campaigns, petitions and events.

Why are you both a think tank and a pressure group?

We are both a think tank and a pressure group as we produce research on issues and we also campaign on policies.

What should I do if I have a complaint or a safeguarding concern?

You can visit our complaints and safeguarding hub here. This allows you to file a complaint, report a minor issue, report a safeguarding concern or to to raise a whistleblowing issue. You can also find out more about the team which deals with these concerns and more information about how we deal with your concerns.

What happens to information that I give to Centre?

If you want to know what happens to information you give us then you can read our privacy policy. This tells you how we collect, store and use your details.

Who funds you?

This is a question think tanks are asked a lot, mainly because some think tanks don’t release who funds them. We release the names of all organisations and any large individual donors who give us more than £7,500. You can see our yearly reports and rules on donations here.

How was Centre created?

Centre was created in 2019. However, it originally started as Liberal Leave which Torrin Wilkins became Chair of just after the EU referendum. After that it then changed its name to New Liberals until rebranding to become Centre. You can read the full story here.

Are you an independent organisation?

Whilst Centre has supporters and partners from a range of political parties we are an independent organisation. This means we also aren’t aligned and we don’t support any political party.

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