Centre has values and goals that make up its mission as a think tank and a pressure group.

Our values

Our values are the core principles behind our policies and the work we carry out.


We use the best ideas from both the left and the right of the political spectrum. It’s why we support strong public services whilst also backing businesses.


We don’t support policies that are on the extreme left right. Instead we want to combine the best elements of both the left and the right.

The Nordic model

We want the UK to learn from Nordic policies that have been shown to work. These countries all have high spending on public services, free markets and highly democratic governments.


We believe the government should always support those in need​. This includes a providing good health service and financial support for anyone out of work.


We want everyone to have equal opportunities and to be equal before the law. This also includes an equal start in life with increased investment in education.


We need to protect our planet and our environment. It’s why we want to reduce emissions and waste.


We believe in supporting businesses, growing the economy and making it easier for people to grow a business. This means a government that focuses on ensuring competition, giving workers more say in businesses and reducing regulations.


We want strong communities that bringing people together from diffrent age ranges and backgrounds.


We believe everyone should be accountable for their actions. This should include politicians, those in business or people employed by public services.

Our aims

Our core aims are our core goals as an organisation. They also explain what we do, why we we do it and how we try to influence policy.

Supporting Centrism

We are a centrist and moderate organisation. It’s why we support public services and boosting businesses.

Creating new policies

We want to make new ideas by trying to understand why issues exist and how they impact individuals. We then propose solutions, often looking to other countries for better alternatives.

Working together

We work with people from a range of diffrent political parties, viewpoints and organisations on campaigns. As a think tank we also includes One Nation Conservatives, Social Liberals and Social Democrats.

Informing debate

We create new conversations by hosting events or interviewing politicians. We also publish articles and papers which explain political issues and debates.

Making politics safer

We have complaints and safeguarding procedures to keep our members safe. Centre also campaigns for better standards and procedures in politics more generally.


We work with decision makers at a local, regional, state and national level. To do this we campaign on issues and work with people who influence new laws.