Complaints and safeguarding

Safeguarding, complaints and pastoral care team

Complaints and safeguarding

Safeguarding, complaints and pastoral care team

Our safeguarding, complaints and pastoral care team deals with complaints, minor issues, whistleblowing and safeguarding reports.

Complaints team

Danny Simm

Head of Complaints

Danny works in safeguarding for community football.

Cllr Alec Sandiford

Deputy Head of Complaints

Alec is a Parliamentary candidate for Stone.

Complaints committee

William Burrows

Economy Spokesperson

William lives in Accrington and studied Economics at Aberystwyth University.

Ashley Routh

Health spokesperson

Ash is our Health spokesperson. She is an active member of the Green Party where she is the Co-Chair of the LGBTIQA Greens, was the Green candidate for the 2022 Wakefield by-election and was a councillor.

Will Barber – Taylor

Deputy Director (Outreach)

Will hosts Events and Podcasts for Centre. He also co-hosts the Debated Podcast and works as the Digital Campaigns and Media Officer for Generation Rent. Alongside this he hosts the Not A Day For Soundbites Podcast and is the Chair of the University of Warwick Young Fabians Society.

Pushkin Defyer

Alumni Network Chair

Pushkin was previously on the executive of the Young Liberals and is now a member of the Labour Party. He has worked with candidates from multiple parties during election campaigns, mainly supporting them with his knowledge of digital campaigning.

Pastoral care and safeguarding officer

Safeguarding and Pastoral Care.

Jasneet Samrai

Deputy Director (internal)

Jasneet coordinates our team and helps to set the policy direction for Centre. They work at Breast Cancer Now, previously worked at Oxfam and has also been a campaign organiser helping to elect 3 MEP’s. Jasneet is also Head of Safeguarding and Pastoral Care.