Safeguarding, complaints and pastoral care team

Our safeguarding, complaints and pastoral care team deals with complaints, minor issues, whistleblowing and safeguarding reports.


Independent Complaints Team

Cllr George Butcher

George Butcher is the Head of Complaints for Centre. He is also a teacher, Governor, Councillor for Wotton-under-Edge and is Vice-Chair of their Environment Committee.

Complaints committee

Louise Jenifer

Louise is the Education Spokesperson for Centre. She is a history and politics student at the university of Leicester and ran the university rent strike there. She also started a sexual violence campaign within the Labour Party, the stopit campaign.

Adam McCartan

Adam is Chair for Centre in Northern Ireland. He is an International Relations and History student at Aberystwyth University and originally came from Northern Ireland. Coming from a Catholic family he has seen the deep scars caused by division within Northern Ireland and is committed to help heal them. In his spare time, he likes to read up further on history and on world affairs.

Ashley Routh

Ash is our Health spokesperson, and a former councillor. Ash is an active member of the Green Party where she is the Co-Chair of the LGBTIQA Greens. She is currently studying Speech and Language Therapy at Sheffield University, and is particularly focused on trans healthcare provision.

Safeguarding team

Jasneet Samrai

Jasneet is the Deputy Director and the Equalities Spokesperson for Centre. They have also worked as a campaign organiser, helping to elect 3 MEP’s and they are the Safeguarding and Pastoral Care Officer for Centre.