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Contact our team:

These email addresses can be used to contact members of our complaints, pastoral and safeguarding team. You can do this to make an inquiry, to check whether your report or complaint has been received or to access pastoral care.

  • Contact the Head of Complaints, George Butcher, at:
  • Contact the Deputy Head of Complaints at: (please do not use this email address as this position is currently vacant).
  • Contact our Pastoral Care and Safeguarding Officer:
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Safeguarding, complaints and pastoral care team

This contains our independent complaints team, our complaints committee and our safeguarding team.

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Read our procedures

Here you can see how our complaints, safeguarding, whistleblowing, minor issues and code of conduct procedures work.

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Training resources

In this section we have training resources for those in or complaints team, complaints committee, our safeguarding team or our Pastoral Care Officer.

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