Our vision

Learning from the Nordics

Our vision

For a better politics

About the project

The Nordic countries are known around the world for their free markets and good public services. This research program looks at lessons the UK can learn from the Nordic countries.

Our vision

Learn from the Nordics

We can learn from the Nordic countries which have created thriving economies and good public services.

Balancing economics and services

Nordic countries use a mix of well funded public services and free market economies. We believe the UK can adopt this model within the UK.

Sustainable growth

All of this has been achieved whilst these countries have placed sustainability and long term decision making at the heart of their systems.

Our work

This paper shows how Norwegian prisons focus on rehabilitation and reducing reoffending rates. It also explores the UK prison system and how we can reform it.

Lessons from Denmark explores how Denmark protects the environment and how the UK can learn from its success.

Research team

Pushkin Defyer

Alumni Network Chair

Pushkin was previously on the executive of the Young Liberals and is now a member of the Labour Party. He has worked with candidates from multiple parties during election campaigns, mainly supporting them with his knowledge of digital campaigning.