Torrin Wilkins

I grew up between Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire and it was there that I started to become active in politics. It happened mainly because of the conversations around the dinner table about politics and going to a comprehensive school where I was encouraged to get involved.

The EU referendum

My first big experience in politics was the EU referendum where I supported EFTA membership. This meant leaving the EU but staying in the single market. I split with the Liberal Democrats on the issue and with those in the Brexit campaign that supported leaving the Single Market. It was both the middle of the road option and the beginning of realising that there was an alternative path in politics.

Founder and Director of Centre

I created what would later become Centre just after the EU referendum. After taking what was a middle of the road approach during the referendum I found that I was middle of the road on more than just that.

I couldn’t have done this without the support of some great people along the way.

Campaigning for the excluded

Perhaps the largest challenge since starting Centre was the pandemic. At that point we had only published a few papers and yet this issue was one which needed some real policy solutions. In the end I published three papers alongside some great co-writers and spoke at two events calling on the government to support more people.

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