Excluded to included

A cover with five photos of people who were excluded.

Text: "Excluded to included Briefing paper - Expanding the governments income support schemes By Torrin Wilkins and Janey Little , August 2nd 2020. Centre Think Tank ISSN 2634-4696".
Briefing paper – Expanding the governments income support schemes

This paper is a collection of our practical policy solutions to including those who have been excluded from the government income support schemes. This is an urgent matter, as the risk of a second COVID-19 wave increases each day. If a second wave hits the UK, it is paramount that we ensure the self-employed are not forgotten and get the support they need.

Quick summary:

  • Increase the £50,000 cap on income to £100,000 and then taper off support payments up to £200,000.
  • Scrap the rule that 50% of earnings must come from self-employment to claim under the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme.
  • Allow limited companies to include dividends in earnings and let them claim on their turnover if they reinvest their money back into the company.
  • Allow furnished holiday lettings to be counted under the Self Employment Income Support Scheme in the same way that Bed and Breakfasts are.
  • Add into calculations payments any that are given in the form of discretionary commission and PAYE Tronc payments.
  • For employees that have been made redundant or who are new starters, only proof of employment (such as a contract) will be needed.
  • Remove time spent on maternity leave from Self-Employment Income Support Scheme calculations.
  • Accept 2018-2019 tax returns or PAYE payments to include those who are newly self-employed, are freelancers or are on short-term contracts. For Annual PAYE the government should accept PAYE returns from the 20th of April.

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