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Devolution revolution

This paper outlines a roadmap for future devolution, including expanding devolution in nations and establishing new devolution deals in England.

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Devolution revolution, devolving powers to the nations and regions of the UK

This paper aims to set out a roadmap for the future of devolution. It covers both the expansion of devolution in our nations alongside new devolution deals for areas of England which do not yet have large scale devolution.

Quick summary

  • The devolution settlement that exists within the UK is not fit for purpose and power is unevenly distributed across the UK. Devolved governments also have wide ranging powers over public services without adequate funding.
  • Polling co-commissioned by Centre Think Tank and Millbank Think Tank by Deltapoll shows there is widespread support for devolution. The poll also shows support for further devolution of powers in England and Scotland along with strong levels of support in Wales.
  • This paper proposes expanding the existing devolution settlement in areas including broadcasting, justice, social security, energy and transport. These new powers will expand the role of devolved parliaments and assemblies and will rebalance the current devolution settlement.
  • It also proposes a new system for funding from Westminster which will give devolved governments money according to the needs of their area. This will help to rebalance spending in the UK giving real meaning to the levelling up agenda.


Torrin Wilkins

Director and Founder

Torrin founded Centre in 2020. In the role has written numerous papers including one backed by the Gaps in Support APPG which contained 260 MPs. He has also written policies for political parties and appeared on a wide range of media including TV and radio. He has a Political Studies degree from Aberystwyth University.


Lord Neil Kinnock

Former Labour Leader

Neil was the Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition from 1983 until 1992. He was also the Vice-President of the European Commission between 1999 and 2004 and a member of Parliament between 1970 and 1995. Since 2005 he has been a Member of the House of Lords.

Reaserchers and editors

Joe Gellman

Head of Reaserch

Joe is studying for a Masters in Philosophy at Durham University.

Jack Meredith

Jack is a member of both the Labour Party and the Cooperative Party. He regards himself as a social democratic liberal.

Jasneet Samrai

Deputy Director (internal)

Jasneet coordinates our team and helps to set the policy direction for Centre. They work at Breast Cancer Now, previously worked at Oxfam and has also been a campaign organiser helping to elect 3 MEP’s. Jasneet is also Head of Safeguarding and Pastoral Care.


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EXCLUSIVE: Neil Kinnock warns Tory 'levelling-up' plan 'more like flattening down' in brutal attack

"The former Labour leader accused the Conservatives of failing the UK's nations and regions in a report from the Centre think tank demanding more devolution".

Polling partner

Millbank Think Tank

Millbank is a not-for-profit, cross-party, independent, UK think tank. They make sure better policy is being made, for those it's made for.