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Sponsor an event

Sponsoring an event allows you to join the panel of one of our events and to publicly sponsor the event.

Discuss issues with key stakeholders

A member of your organisation can speak as a panel member at the event. This is a great chance for them to  discuss challenges facing the UK with policymakers and other stakeholders. We will also publish a report on the event afterwards.


Our events are well attended, usually with between 20 to 40 attendees. We also upload a mixture of clips and full length footage to social media after the event.

Your name and mission will also be mentioned at the start of the event and an explanation from our host on why you wanted to sponsor the event. As the sponsor your logo will also be included in all promotional material and social media posts publicising the event.


We have transparent pricing with the cost to sponsor an event set at £750. We are also transparent with all event sponsorships being displayed on our transparency page and on our annual report. Your sponsorship will also be displayed on our website as a past project.

Past events and panels

Find out more

Contact our team and we can answer any questions you have about our services or set up a meeting to discuss our options further.