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Commission research

Commissioning research means you can fund research into a particular area of policy or an issue.

Find solutions

We will work to find policy solutions for a particular policy issue or challenge. We can also cost policy solutions including the impacts of certain tax policies on different groups in society.

Commission polling

Understanding what the public thinks can be vital when creating new policy ideas. We can commission opinion polling on certain issues or policy proposals. The poll results will then be analysed and displayed within the paper using a mixture of graphs and maps.

Understand key stakeholders

To understand the views of stakeholders our papers can include interviews with individuals from a particular industry or those impacted by a certain policy. At Centre we have a wealth of experience in interviewing stakeholders and understanding their perspective.

Public recognition

Your logo will appear on the front of papers along with a page dedicated to your organisations aims within the paper. Your logo will also be used on social media graphics promoting the paper. Your logo will also appear on our website and any press releases around the paper.

Designs to fit your brand

We can produce a paper to be used on your website that fits your brand. This includes papers that follow your style guides or specifications.


We are transparent with all commissions being displayed on our transparency page and on our annual report. Your project will also be displayed on our website as a past project.

Proposed projects

Our campaign For a Better Politics focuses on how we can create a safer and more transparent political system. This will include multiple papers and video interviews.

We are seeking funding for a paper focusing on rewilding within the UK. Rewilding involves returning areas of land to return to a more natural state and can sometimes involve return species of animal to that area. This paper would look at how rewilding could be encouraged within the UK. It would also follow on from a successful event on rewilding hosted by Centre.

We are seeking funding for a paper focusing on how the UK can improve its deal with the EU by re-joining the single market.

We are seeking funding for a paper focusing on social mobility within grammar schools. This would anywise all of the grammar schools within the UK to understand their impact on students who are on Free School Meals and those with additional needs.


Commissioned papers are normally £5,000 and usually take three months to complete. Once we understand your needs we can then give you a fixed quote.

You can see our previous papers here. You can see an example paper, "Devolution revolution" and our paper for the True and Fair Party here.

Find out more

Contact our team and we can answer any questions you have about our services or set up a meeting to discuss our options further.