Aberystwyth University Centre

About us:

Aberystwyth University Centre is situated on the Welsh coast in the seaside town of Aberystwyth. It is our first ever student society and was founded in 2021. Our aims include to run campaigns, research issues, lobby bodies such as the Student Union or the local council, work with other societies where we have common ground, organise events with guest speakers and run socials.

Our policies:

Tackling sexual assualt

We want to tackle sexual assualt across campus. This will involve improving the university complaints procedures so sexual assault is dealt with.

Better housing

We will campaign to ensure all students have affordable, liveable housing.

Ensure access to vaccines

Every student should have access to vaccines and they should not be disadvantaged by any access problems they may face.

Our publications:

A computer with the words "Computer says no: The issues with vaccine passports and NHS IT systems (Briefing paper). Jasneet Samrai, September 7th, 2021. Centre Think Tank ISSN 2634-4696".

Computer says no: The issues with vaccine passports and NHS IT systems (Briefing paper):

This paper looks at how issues with NHS IT systems logging vaccines has caused issues as the government rolls out vaccine passports. As a result we recommend scrapping vaccine passports and fixing NHS IT systems.

Our team:

Ronan Adams

Ronan is the President of the Aberystwyth University Centre society. He studies Childhood Studies at the university.

Bethany Chapman

Bethany is the Secretary of the Aberystwyth University Centre society. She studies Bioveterinary Science at the university.

Jasneet Samrai

Jasneet is the Treasure of the Aberystwyth University Centre society and is the Deputy Director for Centre. They have also worked as a campaign organiser, helping to elect 3 MEP’s and they are the Safeguarding and Pastoral Care Officer for Centre.


Andrew Dixon

Andrew supports Centre Aberystwyth in its work and makes what we do possible. He is the founder of ARC InterCapital and previously worked at Goldman Sachs. Since then he has created campaigns including Fairer Share and the Woodhaven trust.