Join our team

As an organisation, we are completely run by volunteers. If you want to join us and to help us write papers, policies or to help with our internal running then you can contact us here.

Head of Digital Communications:

The digital campaigns manager is in charge of our social media pages and websites. In their role, they are required to:
• Update our website.
• Create and schedule posts for social media alongside the Digital Campaigns Team.
• Create new graphic styles and help to update our image.
• Heading our Digital Campaigns Team.
• This role will take around three hours week.

Press Officer:

The Press Officer manages the relationship Centre has with media and news organisations. In their role, they are required to:
• Run the press office which includes press releases or external press coverage of Centre or our team.
• Handles media appearances or articles outside of Centre.
• This role will require around two hours per week.

Head of Membership Development:

The Head of Membership Development helps to link up Centre with its members. In
their role, they are required to:
• Check the membership list and updates it when new members join, existing
members leave, or people renew their membership.
• Send monthly emails updating members on the current activities of Centre
including new papers, policies, and any general news on the group.
• Run the Centre Policy Forum.
• Keep the Director up to date on new members every two weeks.
• Manage votes by the team on new policies.
• Write up the minutes of each meeting.
• This role will take around two hours week.

Pastoral Care and Safeguarding Officer:

In their role, they are required to:

  • Support people under 18 and adults with additional needed before, during and after complaints.
  • Ensuring at least one is present at events where there are vulnerable members or those under 18 are safe.
  • Giving basic training to other members of Centre in how what Centres safeguarding rules are and how to report or deal with issues.
  • The number of hours this role will take each week will depend on the number of complaints, minor investigations or whistleblowing reports we receive.
  • Due to the nature of this role involving ongoing complaints the person holding it must give us four weeks notice if they decide to leave the position.

Regional Chairs and Spokespeople:

• Spokespeople for: Equalities and Culture, Media and Sport.

• State and regional chairs: Scotland, Yorkshire and the Humber, South East, East Midlands, West Midlands and London.

These roles will take around two hours a week.