The Centrist network

The centrist network is for business people and philanthropists who make the work we do possible. They make our work including publish papers, developing new policies and promoting our ideas possible. By joining the centrist network you get:

To support our work: Whether its publishing papers, reaching out to the public, running events or writing policy your support will help us to run our organisation. So you know exactly where your money is spent we will tell you what we will spend your money on and our yearly costs.

Free entry to all Centre events. For any Centre events we hold you will receive free entry as a member of the centrist network.

Quarterly briefings: These will update you on our work, our plans for new papers, new policies we pass and what we will be spending money on in the next quarter of the year.

Quarterly meetings with our Director: Alongside our briefings we will also be hosting meetings with our Director. In these you will be able to ask any questions you have about Centre, the work we are doing and our ideas.

Membership of the network costs a minimum of £200 per year which will all go towards running Centre and our outreach. If your interested in joining the network then make sure to let us know: