The Ukraine crisis

Applies to the UK as a whole.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine was an unprovoked attack. The UK should respond to the invasion by punishing Russia and deterring them from invading other countries.

A set of strict sanctions on Russia, Belarus and those that aided in the invasion of Ukraine. We propose sanctions on Russia including Russian controlled Crimea, Belarus and the two unrecognised Republics in Luhansk and Donetsk. It would also include any countries that are found to have supported the invasion.

As a result we support a set of sanctions aimed at punishing Russia for the invasion of Ukraine and those who have close ties to Putin:

  • A ban on UK property ownership for Russian oligarchs linked to Putin.
  • Freeze all of the assets owned by wealthy individuals connected to Putin.
  • Support all Russian banks being banned from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

Move towards energy independence and away from Russian oil and gas. With gas supplies from Russia being impacted by the invasion of Ukraine it shows how quickly the UK needs to move towards energy independence. This would mean the UK generating a large proportion or all of its energy within the UK rather than relying on other countries to supply energy to it.

Speeding up the move towards energy independence will include investing in renewable energy sources and nuclear power plants that run partially or fully off of nuclear waste. It will also mean taxing energy sources that damage the environment and using the money to fund renewable energy sources, research and financial support for those who need it most.

Expand the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Countries including Finland, Sweden and Moldova are both in Europe but they are outside of NATO. The UK should push for countries wanting to join NATO to be accepted in the North Atlantic Council as soon as possible.

Welcome refugees from Ukraine who have fled the conflict. People are fleeing the conflict with many of them ending up in neighbouring countries. The UK should begin to immediately take refugees from these countries.

Rebuild Ukraine after the conflict. The government should begin to create plans alongside NATO and other allied countries to support Ukraine after the conflict and to rebuild the country. This needs to be consistent with level of current military support offered.

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