Space to change

Because every baby should be able to be changed, with dignity, everywhere.

Space to change is the campaign to make every cafe, pub, restaurant and place of leisure provide nappy changing facilities to everyone by law. The campaign is backed by the British Toilet Association and senior retired and current practicing health workers and midwives from across the U.K. They strongly agree that a lack of baby changing facilities as standard in many businesses is a human rights and health and safety issue that affects millions of people across the U.K.

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The new policy

We are campaigning to make it a legal requirement for cafes, pubs and restaurants to provide baby changing facilities on their premises. To do this we support changing the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 .

The current system is not safe or sanitary

Public toilets are often not fitted with baby changing facilities and it’s nota  legal requirement either. Unfortunately, many businesses choose not to outfit their businesses with hygienic, equitable facilities.

Baby changing facilities in all public toilets

We believe that all public toilets should include changing facilities including where businesses are already required to provide access to toilets. This will both improve sanitation and has potential financial benefits for businesses.

Support businesses

There is a clear business case for encouraging parents and children who frequent such businesses during off-peak hours to stay for longer by providing facilities. This will be vital as businesses continue their recovery from COVID.

Steering committee

The British Toilet Association

The British Toilet Association works to promote the highest standards of hygiene and provision in all “away from home” toilet facilities across the UK. Their members include sixty four Local Authorities, Unilever, Domestos, J D Wetherspoon, Age UK, The National Trust and Cadbury World.