Save local football


Save local football

With scandals, by-elections, and resignations we have seen that politicians are not held to account. In Parliament and beyond politics our system is still broken and our representatives are not being held to account.

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of people who experience workplace harassment and bullying sign an NDA (1).

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spent by Labour on antisemitism-related legal cases and their backlog of complaints (2).


Islamophobic incidents in the Conservative party between 2015 and 2020 analysed as part of the Singh investigation (3).

The new policy

Our policy is simple, to allow students to use bathrooms during lesson times. Here is how it breaks down.

Allow students to use bathroom during lessons

The law we propose is simple, access to bathroom for students during lessons.

A comprehensive future

We would change the rules for grammar schools and comprehensives so they accept students without a test. Instead they should use a lottery system which is a fairer way to give school places to students.

Save local clubs and grounds

The government should step in where possible to takeover failed or failing football clubs. This would mean the government would own the grounds, the local council would manage the grounds and the club would be owned by the community.

Play the game

We created a short game to explain why the system is broken.