Education papers

Part of our mission at Centre is to inform debate and to produce new ideas. This is where we publish papers to focus on different areas of policy and to explore the different points of view on a certain topic. We also produce briefing papers to offer both the background to a subject and a policy proposal.

Working together:

This plan sets out what a centrist and moderate United Kingdom would look like. It would be a country that takes the best ideas from both the left and the right and looks at what policies work in other countries. Therefore, we back both strong public services and boosting businesses by creating a free market economy.

Bathroom Breaks: Allowing students to use the toilets during lessons (briefing paper):

This paper both looks at the issue’s students face in being unable to access to bathrooms during lesson times and proposes that all curriculum’s in the UK be altered to ensure students have access to bathroom breaks during lessons.

A pride manifesto: Equality for the LGBTQ+ community (briefing paper):

For pride month, we have written this paper looking at improving the lives of LGBTQ+ people. This includes changes in areas such as education, legal changes, Justice, health, housing and the economy and Jobs.