Briefing paper publications

Part of our mission at Centre is to inform debate and to produce new ideas. This is where we publish papers to focus on different areas of policy and to explore the different points of view on a certain topic. We also produce briefing papers to offer both the background to a subject and a policy proposal.

Our vision: Our vision to move the UK forwards (briefing paper):

This is a vision for a country that combines a strong welfare state with a free market economy. It is a system that we know works because its been tried and tested in the Nordic countries. This has meant simplifying systems such as social security, how many layers of government we have and our overly complex tax system. We also learnt from them in areas where individual countries have become world leaders. In creating a free market economy that works we have looked to countries such as Sweden and reforming our education system has been based off Finland which has one of the best education systems in the world.

Fighting pandemics: Winning the fight against infectious diseases (briefing paper):

The new drug in development to cure HIV which focuses on stunning and then killing the virus is a huge step forwards in medicine. It means that for the first time since the aids outbreak occurred a world free of HIV and Aids is possible. With such a situation possible, the UK government must be prepared to distribute the new drugs. This paper therefore contains a definition of HIV and Aids, looks at their histories, explores the drugs used to treat them and then proposes a plan for distributing the drugs in the UK.

The future of highspeed rail: The options for highspeed rail in the UK (briefing paper):

This paper will look at the different high speed rail options for the UK. These include the HS2/3, a maglev line and a Hyperloop system. Whilst this paper will not recommend a specific course of action it will look at the scientific background, histories, existing examples, advantages, disadvantages and proposed routes for these proposals. This paper will also include several possible solutions for issues a hyperloop or maglev system may need to overcome.

Bathroom Breaks: Allowing students to use the toilets during lessons (briefing paper):

This paper both looks at the issue’s students face in being unable to access to bathrooms during lesson times and proposes that all curriculum’s in the UK be altered to ensure students have access to bathroom breaks during lessons.

A pride manifesto: Equality for the LGBTQ+ community (briefing paper):

For pride month, we have written this paper looking at improving the lives of LGBTQ+ people. This includes changes in areas such as education, legal changes, Justice, health, housing and the economy and Jobs.

The future of working from home: Protecting working from home during COVID-19 (briefing paper):

This paper will explore how working from home can be encouraged more after the COVID-19 outbreak. It will explore the current UK laws on the issue, how other countries handle and encourage working from home (Finland, Germany and the Netherlands) and what policy proposals we would support the UK taking up with these other countries in mind.

Excluded to Included: Expanding the governments income support schemes (briefing paper):

This paper is a collection of our practical policy solutions to including those who have been excluded from the government income support schemes. This is an urgent matter, as the risk of a second COVID-19 wave increases each day. If a second wave hits the UK, it is paramount that we ensure the self-employed are not forgotten and get the support they need.