Our vision


Our research programs look at long term complex issues facing the UK. Our aim is to find solutions and to work with both experts and those with real life experience in those areas.

Rebuilding the centre ground

We want to rebuild the centre ground of UK politics. Our project includes defining what centrism is and how much support it has today.

Learning from the Nordics

The Nordic countries are known around the world for their free markets and good public services. This research program looks at lessons the UK can learn from the Nordic countries.

For a better politics

For a better politics is about creating a safer and more transparent political system. It is also about tackling the foundations of inequality in politics.

People power

The UK is overly centralised and our democratic systems are often unfair. This research program looks at how we can devolve powers to the nations and regions of the UK alongside creating a fairer democratic system for the UK.

Transforming justice

The UK has high crime rates and high reoffending rates. This research program looks at how we can learn from the rest of the world to reduce crime and to create a safer country.

Improving mental health​ care

Mental health services have long waiting lists and are struggling to cope with demand. This research program looks at how we can create a system where mental health is treated with the same urgency as physical health.

Previous projects

Including the excluded

During the COVID-19 pandemic millions of people were unable to access the governments support schemes. This is our campaign to include them.