Press and media

Below you can see press and media coverage of Centre.

‘Government must act to help up to 800,000 people who have been refused furlough’

“The Centre Think Tank has produced a draft white paper with solutions that it believes would help to provide financial support…” (read more here).

Paper provides options to ease anguish of those excluded from Government support – Greg Wright

“This enlightened route has been chosen by the Centre Think Tank which has compiled a draft white paper which makes the case for expanding the furlough scheme…” (read more here).


As the government considers its tax options in the wake of the pandemic, reform of council tax should be near the top of its list…Torrin Wilkins, director, Centre Think Tank…” (read more here).

LBC interview with Torrin Wilkins

Torrin talked about Brexit, the possibility of a second referendum and an EFTA based Brexit. (listen here).

The outdated rules on bathroom breaks in schools are in dire need of reform

“The shock was then finding out that this situation is not isolated, in fact, Plan UK said “Almost 70% of girls aren’t allowed to go to the toilet during lessons” and…” (read more here).