We have a number of partnerships with other organisations and political party’s that we share common goals with. We work together with these groups on new papers and on new policy ideas. Below are the partnerships we have agreed and links to their sites.

Disclaimer: Our partners are independent organisations and do not necessarily have links or support each other.

Centre agreed a partnership with the Liberal Conservatives in October 2019.

Tories for Climate Action agreed a partnership with Centre in November 2019. They create policies to fight climate change using free markets.

Centre agreed a partnership with anti-academic selection group Comprehensive future in February 2020. Since then several of our members have written articles for them and our Director also sits on their Steering Committee.

Centre joined the Make Votes Matter Alliance in March 2020. Centre is committed to a fairer voting system for the UK.

Centre partnered with ACT in June 2020. Both organisations are committed to improving complaints procedures within political parties.

Centre is just one of 200 organisations that make up the Lift the Ban coalition which we joined in July 2020. They support ending the ban that prevents asylum seekers from working when they come to the UK.

The Debated Podcast agreed a partnership with Centre in July 2020. Since then we co-hosted a US election special and multiple episode’s where we discussed papers by Centre.

The Stopit campaign is a labour campaign to end sexual harassment, abuse or misconduct.

Centre partnered with Fairer Share in February 2021. We were included in their evidence to a parliamentary committee alongside an open letter to the Sunday Times.

Reshaping our education partnered with Centre in February 2021. We both support increased funding for schools and improving our education system.

Centre partnered with Sheppey is Ours in March of 2021. They are are a local group focusing on issues such as a protecting the environment and engaging the local community in politics.