Our vision

Our vision for the United Kingdom.

This is a vision for a country that combines a strong welfare state with a free market economy. It is a system that we know works because its been tried and tested in the Nordic countries. This has meant simplifying systems such as social security, how many layers of government we have and our overly complex tax system. We also learnt from them in areas where individual countries have become world leaders. In creating a free market economy that works we have looked to countries such as Sweden and reforming our education system has been based off Finland which has one of the best education systems in the world. This paper concludes:

  • We support free markets including cutting regulations and a simpler tax system.
  • We also support a Nordic-inspired welfare system including a comprehensive education system similar to Finland’s, a Norwegian style prison system and a housing first system like Finland uses.
  • The vision also sets out our support for free trade as it proposes membership of the European Free Trade Association.