Our team

Our leadership team is the core decision making body within Centre. It votes on policy and the direction of the group by a simple majority.



Torrin Wilkins

Torrin is the Director and Founder of Centre and has a Political Studies degree from Aberystwyth University. He wrote the Expanding furlough plan which he presented to the Gaps in Support APPG and has been interviewed on both the BBC and LBC.

Jasneet Samrai

Jasneet is the Deputy Director for Centre. They also worked as a campaign organiser and helped to elect 3 MEP’s.

Jake Poulton

Jake is Head of Policy for Centre. He also sits as a Charity Trustee and runs Strategic Communications for Our Generation for Inclusive Peace. Jake was previously the Public Affairs Coordinator for Red Cross Policy.

Sebastian Teague

Seb is the chair of Young Centre. They study economics, sociology, maths and music at A-level. They’re also the LGBT and youth officer for Tewkesbury Labour and helps run several campaigns, both partisan and non-partisan, local and national.

Will Barber – Taylor

Will is the Head of Events and Podcasts for Centre. He also co-hosts the Debated Podcast and works as the Digital Campaigns and Media Officer for Generation Rent. Alongside this he hosts the Not A Day For Soundbites Podcast and is the Chair of the University of Warwick Young Fabians Society.

Pushkin Defyer

Pushkin is the Head of Membership Development for Centre. He was also the former BAME Officer within Young Liberals and is currently studying for his A-Levels.


Louise Jenifer

Louise is the Education Spokesperson for Centre. She is a history and politics student at the university of Leicester and ran the university rent strike there. She also started a sexual violence campaign within the Labour Party, the stopit campaign.

Lauren Davison

Lauren is the Justice Spokesperson for Centre. She is also the co-Policy Officer for Open labour, the Secretary of the Young Fabians Criminal Justice Network and has a Masters in Criminology.

Ashley Routh

Ash is our Health spokesperson, and a former councillor. Ash is an active member of the Green Party where she is the Co-Chair of the LGBTIQA Greens. She is currently studying Speech and Language Therapy at Sheffield University, and is particularly focused on trans healthcare provision.

Mathew Hulbert

Mathew is our Democracy Spokesperson. He is a long-time supporter of fair votes for all elections and helped to launch Make Votes Matter’s Councillor Network. As part of his role Mathew will also lead for Centre on Local Government and, as a former Borough Councillor and a current Parish Councillor, he has a breadth of experience in the sector. He believes in empowered citizens, in strong communities.

Joe Gellman

Joe is the Social Security Spokesperson for Centre. He studies Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, and was the former chair of Harrow Young Conservatives but is now an independent.

Regional and State Chairs

Md M Hamid

Md is Chair for Centre in the North East. He studies law through the Sanctuary Scholarship at Northumbria University and is an asylum seeker. He has been nominated for an Amnesty International award, volunteered for 5 organisations despite not being allowed to work and started his own food bank in Newcastle. He is also a campaigner on the rights of asylum seekers and his judicial review against the Home Office changed the rules on asylum seekers right to study in the UK.

Fergus Llewelyn Turtle

Fergus is our Chair for Wales. He is Monitoring Officer for Deryn Consulting and has a Masters from Cardiff University in Welsh Government and Politics. Fergus is also the former policy officer for Welsh Young Liberals although he is currently non-partisan.

James Taylor

James is our Chair for London. He is a third-year student studying Politics and International relations, at Goldsmiths UoL. He is also the campaigns officer for the youth branch of his local political party and on the approved candidates list for Croydon Council.

Mathew Hulbert

Mathew is Chair for Centre in the East Midlands. He is also a Parish Councillor and currently Vice Chair of Barwell Parish Council in Leicestershire. Mathew is also a former radio journalist and now works in the charity sector.

Tayla Dodd

Tayla is Chair for Centre in the West Midlands. Whilst she lives in Telford Tayla is a also student at Aberystwyth University studying sociology.

William Burrows

William is Chair for Centre in the North West. He lives in Accrington and is currently studies Economics at Aberystwyth University.

Digital Campaigns Team

Ryan Frendo

Ryan is Head of Digital Editing and is an Environmental Adviser to Centre. He is a Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Assistant at Telford & Wrekin Council and he studied Marine and Freshwater Biology at Aberystwyth University.

Rowen Wilkins

Rowen is a member of our Digital Communications Team in Centre and is Head of Photography. He is also a photographer and has a degree in social sciences.

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