Our team

Our leadership team is the core decision making body within Centre. It votes on policy and the direction of the group by a simple majority.


Torrin Wilkins

Torrin is the Director and Founder of Centre. He also has a degree in Political Studies from Aberystwyth University and has been interviewed on both the BBC and LBC.

Jake Poulton

Jake is Head of Policy for Centre. He is currently studying Political Science and International Relations at the University of Birmingham. He is a member of the Liberal Democrats and previously ran a student newspaper.

Christopher Dunne

Christopher is the Treasurer for Centre. He currently studies Law and Politics at Cardiff University.


Janey Little

Janey is the Education Spokesperson for Centre. She is Chair for Centre in the South West. She is an A-level student, a member of the Liberal Democrats and won a British Education Award in 2020.

Ashley Routh

Ash is our Health spokesperson, and a former councillor. Ash is an active member of the Green Party where she is the Co-Chair of the LGBTIQA Greens. She is currently studying Speech and Language Therapy at Sheffield University, and is particularly focused on trans healthcare provision.

Archie Barnett

Archie is the Environment Spokesperson for Centre. He is a politics and journalism student at the University of Worcester, a member of the Liberal Democrats and has held multiple roles in the Telford Young People’s Forum.

Franklin Vaci

Franklin is the Economics Spokesperson for Centre. He is also a Youth Fellow at the International Youth Think Thank.

Joe Gellman

Joe is the Justice Spokesperson for Centre. He studies Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, and was the former chair of Harrow Young Conservatives but is now an independent.

Alex Toal

Alex is the Head of Digital Communications for Centre and our Culture, Media and Sports Spokesperson. He’s currently completing a Master’s of Public Administration at York, with a background in arts management.

James Steel

James is the Housing Spokesperson for Centre. He has been a Housing Activist with groups such as Surrey, Cut the Rent and Guildford Private Renters Association in the past. He is also a Borough Councillor on Guildford Borough Council and the current Lead Councillor for Sports, Leisure and Tourism.

Jasneet Samrai

Jasneet is the Equalities Spokesperson and the Pastoral Care Officer for Centre. They have also worked as a campaign organiser, helping to elect 3 MEP’s.

Joel Punwani

Joel is the Transport Spokesperson for Centre. He is a student at Exeter University, where he campaigns for the Lib Dems and usually walks places. Having lived in Amsterdam, he’s witnessed a world leading system of integrated transport, and wishes ours could be a lot more like it.

Regional and State Chairs:

Louise Jenifer

Louise is Chair for Centre in the South East. She is a history student, who in her spare time enjoys reading up on political philosophy and theory. She is also the Policy Officer for Dartford Labour and supports the Labour Leave campaign.

Danny Simm

Danny is Chair for Centre in the North West. He is a broadcaster and journalist, with a background in business & fundraising. His broadcasting career currently includes presenting drivetime on Bolton FM in Lancashire. He also serves on the North West exec of the Lib Dems and he is a local election candidate for them.

Md M Hamid

Md is Chair for Centre in the North East. He studies law through the Sanctuary Scholarship at Northumbria University and is an asylum seeker. He has been nominated for an Amnesty International award, volunteered for 5 organisations despite not being allowed to work and started his own food bank in Newcastle. He is also a campaigner on the rights of asylum seekers and his judicial review against the Home Office changed the rules on asylum seekers right to study in the UK.

Cllr Charles Shaw

Charles is the Chair for Centre in the East Midlands. He is a Liberal Party Parish Councillor in Lincolnshire and a trustee of Lincolnshire Voluntary Youth Services.

Fergus Llewelyn Turtle

Fergus Llewelyn Turtle is our Chair for Wales. He is a final year politics undergrad at the University of Liverpool and former policy officer for Welsh Young Liberals although he is currently non-partisan.

Freya Greaves

Freya is the Chair for Centre in the South West. She is also the North Cornwall Liberal Democrat Representative.

Christopher Price

Christopher is Chair for Centre in Scotland. He comes from a military family and currently works for the Ministry of Defence.

Adam McCartan

Adam is Chair for Centre in Northern Ireland. He is an International Relations and History student at Aberystwyth University and originally came from Northern Ireland. Coming from a Catholic family he has seen the deep scars caused by division within Northern Ireland and is committed to help heal them. In his spare time, he likes to read up further on history and on world affairs.

Digital Campaigns Team

Ryan Frendo

Ryan is a member of our Digital Communications Team in Centre. He also studied Marine and Freshwater Biology at Aberystwyth University.

Rowen Wilkins

Rowen is a member of our Digital Communications Team in Centre and is Head of Photography. He is also a photographer and has a degree in social sciences.

Independent Complaints Team

Cllr George Butcher

George Butcher is the Head of Complaints for Centre. He is also a teacher, Governor, Councillor for Wotton-under-Edge and is Vice-Chair of their Environment Committee.

Billy Boulton

Billy Boulton is the Deputy Head of Complaints at Centre. He has a BA in History from the University of Southampton where he took a leading role in student welfare in societies such as the Light Opera Society.