Our best shot

A person being vaccinated with the words "Our best shot, Why we need to vaccinate under 18's (Briefing paper). ushkin Defyer, July 13th, 2021. Centre Think Tank ISSN 2634-4696".
Why we need to vaccinate under 18’s (Briefing paper)

This paper looks at why those under 18 should be given vaccines to protect against COVID-19.

Quick summary:

  • COVID-19 cases are rising again. In order to cut case rates, reach heard immunity, safeguard our children’s education and prevent further serious mutations, 12–17-year-olds should receive vaccinations.
  • The UK should follow other countries that are vaccinating these age groups. Pfizer has been approved and rolled out in these age groups in several other countries including the United States, Israel, and many EU countries. It has also been approved by the UK health regulator.
  • Masks in class, increasing accessibility to online learning, covid safe global travel and keeping lockdown and school closures should all be kept under review.