Team instructions

Instructions for the Director and the Deputy Director

This document is currently being written.

Instructions for the Head of Policy and partnerships

This document sets out how to deal with policy proposals, future papers, social media campaigns and future partnerships.

Instructions for the Membership Officer

This document shows how to update our membership list, how to renew memberships or delete them and how to send out monthly newsletters.

Instructions for running a regional or state branch

This is our easy read version of our privacy policy. This document sets out: In this document you will find out how we collect data from people, how we get permission to have that data, how we can share it inside and outside of Centre, how we keep it and where, how long we keep it for, your rights over it, how to use those rights, how to contact us, our cookies policy and how we may change this policy.

Instructions for running a digital campaign

This guide shows how to run our social media campaign and how to make graphics.


Instructions on how to write an article

This shows how to structure an article, how to write an article, how to submit it to us.

Instructions on how to write a policy

This shows how to write, structure and submit a policy to Centre.

Instructions on how to write a paper

This deals with what to include in a paper, how to find sources and how to conduct research.