Lessons from Denmark

A green bike with a wooden basket on a light green background.

The paper says "What we can learn from Denmark: What we can learn from Denmark in their fight against climate change. Briefing paper. By Ariane Far, April 4th 2022. Centre Think Tank ISSN 2634-4696".
What we can learn from Denmark in their fight against climate change

The UK government currently plans on approaching climate change reduction by aiming for a cleaner, more preserved and less wasteful society. Nevertheless, Denmark’s policies could also encourage cooperation, proactivity, further business pressures, political embedding and cultural changes thanks to additional legislation.

Quick summary:

  • Give NGOs the right to appeal over environmental legislation.
  • A new Circular Economy Advisory Board.
  • Implement a scarce resource tax.
  • Planning cities with bikes in mind.
  • Greater accountability for government climate targets.


“The Environment has never been more important to protect and enhance after generations of destruction where we are on the praecipes of a huge change in global warming. If action doesn’t happen now after the recent COP26 held in Glasgow by world leaders, it will endanger the next generation – our children and grandchildren. With increasing energy costs being at the forefront of concern globally this will do nothing to stem fuel poverty or the potential to further increase global warming from poorly insulated homes. It is therefore important the UK with one of the worst records on housing stock energy efficiency and other related matters we learn from this report highlighting some of the major lessons to learn from Denmark”.

Martin Goss has been a Cllr and Community Campaigner for 14 years, with 3 of those spent as Portfolio Holder for Waste, Transport and Environment on Colchester Council where he oversaw recycling rates increase to 56% which was one of the best increases in the country.

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