Keeping local justice

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The paper says "Keeping local justice: Why we need to keep local justice areas. Briefing paper. By Torrin Wilkins, February 2nd 2022. Centre Think Tank ISSN 2634-4696".
Why we need to keep local justice areas.

This paper looks at the abolition of Local Justice Areas (LJA’s). LJA’s help to decide which cases Magistrates’ Courts deal with. It discusses how the current LJA’s work, the arguments put forwards in favour of the change by the government and finally some issues with the reform.

Quick summary:

  • Local justice areas ensure that Magistrates’ Courts deal with cases in their local area. These are spread across England and Wales.
  • The UK government plans to abolish these areas in the Judicial Review and Courts Bill. These plans should be opposed.
  • We must make it easier and simpler for cases to be transferred to different local justice areas if it is requested by those involved in the case.
  • We should also create a new funding program for local justice areas that are struggling to meet the case demand in their area.


Martin Goss

Martin is the Liberal Democrat group leader in Colchester Council and was a Parliamentary candidate in 2019. He said “Local justice areas are important as it’s exactly as it says on the tin. We need it localized and led by people who have the knowledge, not from some far away place”.


Protecting local justice

“Summarising his research for Centre Think Tank, Torrin Wilkins lays out how the government can protect local justice to ensure that crimes are handled in their local area”. (Read more here).

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