Join our team

Our team helps to run Centre and on this page you can apply to join it. Joining helps us to run our organisation and it gives new policy makers more experience.

Why join our team?

  • You get to write papers and articles on issues you care about. Our papers are often released with forewords written by politicians or candidates that we work with and we also release them on social media.
  • As part of Centre you get to help change the minds of activists and politicians. For instance we presented our “Expanding furlough” paper to the Gaps in Support APPG which consisted of 260 MPs which then recommended it as reading for the Chancellor. We also took part in events including MPs and activists to raise awareness of the issue.
  • You learn skills along the way. Whether its designing graphics, improving your writing skills and editing videos or podcasts.
  • Our team members have often gone off to work in other organisations after gaining experience in Centre. This includes members who now work for government departments and other pressure groups such as Make Votes Matter, charities such as the Red Cross and on political consulting. You can see where some of our team members have gone to work on our Alumni network.

Vacant positions:

You can apply for any of our positions using the button below and we have a number

Head of Digital Communications (voluntary):

The digital campaigns manager is in charge of our social media pages and websites. In their role, they are required to:
• Update our website.
• Create and schedule posts for social media alongside the Digital Campaigns Team.
• Create new graphic styles and help to update our image.
• Heading our Digital Campaigns Team.
• This role will take around three hours week.

Head of Website Development (voluntary):

In their role, they are required to:
• Updates the website with new articles, team members, partners, petitions,
documents, policies and events.
• This role will require around two hours per week.

Regional Chairs (voluntary):

We have positions for chairs in each region on England along with State Chairs in
Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The sit on our administration to represent
their branch. Each Chair is responsible for:

• State and regional chairs: Northern Ireland, Scotland, Yorkshire and the Humber, South East, South West and East of England.

These roles will take around two hours a week.

Spokespeople (voluntary):

• Producing one new paper for Centre per-year.
• Producing an article for our website once every two months.
• Collecting policy ideas from members relating to their area.
• This role will require around two hours per week.

Spokespeople for: Economy, Environment, Equalities, Transport, Housing, Foreign Affairs and Culture, Media and Sport.

These roles will take around two hours a week.

Press Officer (voluntary):

The Press Officer manages the relationship Centre has with media and news organisations. In their role, they are required to:

• Run the press office which includes press releases or external press coverage of Centre or our team.
• Handle media appearances or articles outside of Centre.
• This role will require around two hours per week.

Treasurer (voluntary):

The Treasurer oversees the finances of Centre. In their role, they are required to:
• Check whether donations to Centre are permissible.
• Manage Centre’s bank account.
• Draw up and submit the accounts and the confirmation statement for Centre
each year.
• Write up a more detailed financial statement for the Centre Website.
• Look for new potential donors.
• Ensure the Director of Centre is up to date with the accounts each month.
• This role will take around an hour a week.

Data Protection Officer, DPO (voluntary):

The Data Protection Officer is an independent position within Centre that focuses on
compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In their role, they
are required to:
• Be an expert in data protection.
• Report to the Administration of Centre on GDPR compliance.
• Helps to ensure Centre is GDPR complaint.
• Give advice on our data protection obligations and to inform and advise
Centre and our team about our obligations to comply with the GDPR and
other data protection law.
• Give advice on and to monitor Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs).
• Act as a contact point for data subjects and the supervisory authority along
with cooperating with the supervisory authority.
• to monitor compliance with the GDPR and other data protection laws, and
with our data protection polices, including managing internal data protection
activities; raising awareness of data protection issues, training staff and
conducting internal audits;
• to be the first point of contact for supervisory authorities and for individuals
whose data is processed (employees, customers etc).
The above points are altered from:
• Help to update Centre’s privacy policy when required.
• This role should take up about an hour a week although this will vary between
weeks if there are more or less GDPR related requests and queries.

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