Our vision

Improving mental health​

About the project

Mental health services have long waiting lists and are struggling to cope with demand. This project looks at how we can create a system where mental health is treated with the same urgency as physical health.

Our vision

Its time mental health was a priority for the UK and we overhauled mental health treatment.

Strengthen the NHS

We support an NHS umbrella, a single NHS IT system or compatible IT systems, legalised drugs for medical uses, and an NHS watchdog.

Mental health hubs for every stage of life

We want mental health hubs in schools, referral units in workplaces and community hubs for people in communities of all ages.

Connecting generations

To tackle loneliness we support community hubs and intergeneration care across the UK.

Our work

With the COVID-19 pandemic this paper explains the emerging second pandemic, mental health. It also provides a comprehensive set of solutions to ensure mental health issues are treated properly.

This event focused on how we improve mental health support and our new paper on the issue. It also included a question and answer session mainly focusing on how we ensure social media companies do their part to protect the mental health of people using their sites. The panel included Centre supporter and former MP for Eastbourne Stephen Lloyd, Pushkin Defyer the  Head of Membership Development for Centre, Yzzy Teucher Vice President of Centre Aberystwyth.

Research team​

Pushkin Defyer

Alumni Network Chair

Pushkin was previously on the executive of the Young Liberals and is now a member of the Labour Party. He has worked with candidates from multiple parties during election campaigns, mainly supporting them with his knowledge of digital campaigning.

Stephen Lloyd

Former Member of Parliament

Stephen was the MP for Eastbourne from 2010 to 2015 and 2017 to 2019. His front bench roles included Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Northern Ireland, the DWP and in the coalition government, as PPS to the Environment Secretary.