Fighting Pandemics

Our paper on how to fight pandemics such as COVID-19.

The new drug in development to cure HIV which focuses on stunning and then killing the virus is a huge step forwards in medicine. It means that for the first time since the aids outbreak occurred a world free of HIV and Aids is possible. With such a situation possible, the UK government must be prepared to distribute the new drugs. This paper therefore contains a definition of HIV and Aids, looks at their histories, explores the drugs used to treat them and then proposes a plan for distributing the drugs in the UK. This paper concludes:

  • Current HIV treatments include PEP and PrEP for before and after someone has been exposed to HIV.
  • Treatments for HIV are being tested such as a shock and kill method for remaining HIV cells.
  • We support a HIV drugs fund, fast tracked NICE approval and a soft Brexit to ensure easy travel if the drug is produced outside the UK.
  • Outside of the UK the UK should work with the World Health Organisation and charitable organisations to distribute any new drug.