End selection at 10

Selection at the age of 10 splits students between grammar schools and secondary moderns rather than pupils going to comprehensive schools which take all students. This split is decided by the 11+ test which is a set of exams often taken at the age of 10, in Northern Ireland this is known as the transfer test. We support moving to a comprehensive system for the 163 grammar schools remaining in England and the grammar school system in Northern Ireland. This would also convert existing secondary moderns into real comprehensives with comprehensive intakes and it would end the 11+ test within the UK.

Why we need to end selection:

We know there are issues with separating students at this age and using the 11+ test. Students often end up being more likely to fail the test if they are on Free School Meals, or have additional needs.

Finland shows what is possible:

Finland ended its system of grammar schools and civic schools, their version of secondary moderns, in 1977. Instead all students went to comprehensive schools. Since then it went on to score exceptionally well in PISA tests which rank diffrent countries education systems. It also improved test scores since the introduction of the new system.

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