Computer says no

The issues with vaccine passports and NHS IT systems

This paper looks at how issues with NHS IT systems logging vaccines has caused issues as the government rolls out vaccine passports. As a result we recommend scrapping vaccine passports and fixing NHS IT systems.

Quick summary:

  • At the moment, people who have moved between different nations are having issues accessing and recording their vaccine doses.
  • This is a problem with communication between NHS systems, with there also being some issues internal to nations. 
  • Vaccine passports are being planned for usage domestically, however there are major issues with these as some people are unable to prove that they have had both doses through no fault of their own. 
  • We have a number of policy recommendations to solve these issues, including a new system that allows the transfer of vaccine data across all UK nations. 
  • We also oppose the usage of vaccine passports. 
  • Long term we want to implement a single IT system across the NHS, or alternatively, different systems that are compatible with each other and are able to transfer data properly.