The Centrist Podcast

The Centrist podcast is hosted by Will Barber – Taylor and it includes interviews a wide variety of politicians, academics and activists.

Interview with Patrick English of YouGov The Centrist Podcast

Patrick English is an Associate Director in the YouGov Political and Social Research team and YouGov's spokesman on political research. In this episode Will Barber-Taylor speaks to Patrick about the slump in Conservative party support, pacts between progressive parties, Proportional Representation, the record of centrist parties such as Change UK, grammar schools, how much support there is for the monarchy and Brexit.
  1. Interview with Patrick English of YouGov
  2. Interview with Tobias Ellwood MP
  3. Interview with Shadow Minister Stephen Kinnock
  4. Interview with Chris Birks of Labour in Communications
  5. Interview with Sir David Hanson, former Cabinet Minister