North East

Our regional branch in the North East of England is the home for all of our members who live or work there. The region includes Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland and Middlesbrough.

Md M Hamid on Centre North East

MD explains why you should join Centre North East and his work in the area.


Better local services

We support better local public services. This includes better hospitals and schools.

Supporting local businesses

Local businesses, entrepreneurs and start-up’s are at the heart of the economy. We will campaign for more advice advice and support for local businesses.

Conserve our nature and history

We believe in protecting the environment and bringing animals back into our local area. We also want to conserve our historical monuments and areas.


Md M Hamid

North East Chair

Md studies law through the Sanctuary Scholarship at Northumbria University and is an asylum seeker. He has been nominated for an Amnesty International award, volunteered for 5 organisations despite not being allowed to work and started his own food bank in Newcastle. He is also a campaigner on the rights of asylum seekers and his judicial review against the Home Office changed the rules on asylum seekers right to study in the UK.