Business membership

Business membership

Become a business member and join us on our mission to create a sustainable and growing economy.

£ 5,000 per year
  • A 30% discount on sponsorship of Centre events and commissioning papers.

    This discount can be used a maximum of four times a year across both commissioning papers and sponsorship of events.

  • Quarterly meetings with our Director or a Deputy Director.

    These meetings are an opportunity to discuss the work Centre Think Tank is doing, your policy ideas and the challenges or opportunities facing businesses.

  • Advanced copies of our papers.

    This includes a copy of our papers between one and two weeks before publication. You can also discuss the findings with a member of our team or the authors. This excludes some commissioned papers where the individual or organisation who commissions the paper does not want it shared before publication.

  • Monthly updates including opportunities to be involved in our work.

    We send out monthly emails to update you on our work and opportunities to be involved.

  • Your logo will appear on this page and you can include our logo on your website.

    The logo of every member of our business network is included on this page.You can also use the Centre logo on your website to display that you are part of our network. We will also design you a graphic for social media to announce you have joined our network alongside a quote from our Director to use for your website whilst you are a member.

Reasons to join

A record of supporting businesses

During the pandemic we campaigned to include more small businesses, employees and self-employed individuals in the government's income support schemes. Over the course of the pandemic we released four papers and fourteen solutions that would have included millions more people in the governments support schemes and could have saved countless businesses. One of these plans was recommended as reading for the Chancellor of the Exchequer by the Gaps in Support All Party Parliamentary Group which included 260 MPs. Our Director also spoke at rally's in both London and Liverpool alongside MPs from Labour, the SNP and the Conservatives.

We share your values

We work with businesses which share our values, protect the environment and help their communities. Centre shares these goals including advocating for policies that protect the environment, strengthen communities and grow the economy. We are also working to make politics and think tanks better. It's why we are totally transparent on who funds us and have high standards for our members' conduct. Many of our policies are also inspired by the Nordic countries which we feel share many of these values.

Work with Centre, our supporters and partners

Centre works with Shadow Ministers, MPs, members of devolved parliaments and party leaders both past and present. We also work with academics, business leaders, lawyers and other national organisations. Business membership is a great way to get involved with our work including opportunities to be involved with our events and papers. Business membership also gives you opportunities to work with individuals and organisations from our other networks.

A vision for a better economy

An economy with social purpose

The government should actively support businesses which give back to their communities and have a social purpose. This includes businesses that work to support employees, adopt environmentally sustainable business practices, donate to charities and ensure they 

A sustaniable economy

The government should support sustainable business practices. This includes building more renewable energy, incentives for recycling and new rewilding projects.

Growing the economy

The government should focus on policies which support businesses and which help to grow the economy. This includes investing more money in education and healthcare so we can create a happier, healthier and better educated workforce. It also means simplifying the tax system and simplifying regulations to make it easier to do business.

Our business team

Penelope Hope

Centre Business Network Chair

Penelope is the Co-Founder of Rebel Energy UK and was Utilities Businesswoman of the Year in 2021. She is also a Supervisory Board Member at Carlson Investments SE and was previously an Equity Research Analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Supporters from business

Across our networks we have a number of supporters with experience in business.

Lord Dick Taverne KC

Member of the House of Lords and Former Member of Parliament

Dick launched the Institute for Fiscal Studies and was its first Director. He also founded the Charity Sense about Science and served on the boards of several international companies. Dick also had a long political career and held a number of positions in government as a Minister and as Financial Secretary to the Treasury. He was also founder and leader of the Democratic Labour Party and sat as their MP. He later started the Campaign for Social Democracy Party.

Alexander Rose

Public Funding Lawyer at DW

Alexander is a former Government Lawyer and is now one of the UK's leading Public Funding lawyers now working at DWF. He was also a former European Commission Secondee.

Contact us

Whether you want to know more about business membership or would like to join make sure to get in contact. Fill in this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Internal workings and rules

This document sets out what being a member of the Centre Business Network means and our structure.


Our rules around transparency and a list of organisations and individuals who have donated to us. It also includes links to our rules around donations.