Boost trade

with a common market

We support membership of the Single Market and the European Free Trade Association which will boost trade, help the UK to negotiate better free trade deals and will strengthen relationship with the EU.

The Common Market:

The Common Market plan includes the following policies:

  • Improve our relationship with the EU and negotiating a better deal.
  • Participate in the Single Market through the European Economic Area. This includes Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and all EU countries.
  • Create a new customs agreement with the EU to improve trade between the UK and EU countries.

This would mean:

  • We would maintain our political sovereignty. This relationship would give the UK a veto over new EU laws and a seat in the EFTA court which makes rulings over single market rules.
  • The UK would have safeguard measures for the four freedoms which are the free movement of goods, services, workers and money.
  • Remain outside the Common agriculture policy, the common fisheries policy and the justice and home affairs policies.
  • Maintain the UK’s ability to make new free trade deals along with a new option to negotiate deals alongside the other EFTA countries.
  • No mandatory contributions to the EU budget. The only payments we would make are optional payments for EU programs we decide to take part in, payments to support the running of EFTA and money that supporters poorer EU countries.
  • Make it easier to trade between the UK and the EU.

Our progress:

Both Centre and its predecessors New Liberals and Liberal Leave have supported membership of the Single Market. Our campaign mainly focused on changing Liberal Democrat policy on the issue to include membership of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the Single Market.

This included speeches by Torrin Wilkins in 2017, 2018 and 2019 at Liberal Democrat conference. He also debated two Liberal Democrat leaders on Brexit including a debate with Jo Swinson live on the BBC 2 program Victoria Derbyshire and with Ed Davey on the Centrist Podcast during the 2020 Lib Dem leadership election. Torrin also spoke on the radio about Brexit appearing on BBC 5 Live and being interviewed by Darren Adam on LBC discussing a second referendum.

In 2022 the Liberal Democrats adopted a policy that called for the UK to re-join the single market and didn’t include a commitment to re-join the Customs Union. We are now campaigning for both the Conservatives and Labour to take a similar stance.

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