Our vision

Working Together

Our vision for how the government can support better public services and businesses.

The words "Working Together to support public services and back businesses". Next to it is a person holding a microphone speaking. Below this is a white Centre logo.

Our vision

This plan sets out what a centrist and moderate United Kingdom would look like. It would be a country that takes the best ideas from both the left and the right and looks at what policies work in other countries.

Quick summary

  • Strong public services. We support strong public services which includes expanding the NHS, a comprehensive education system and a social security system that ensures no one falls through the gaps.
  • Backing businesses. We think it should be easier for companies to do business. It’s why we want to cut or simplify regulations, simplify the tax system and to give more power to workers.
  • More power for local areas. We support stronger regional and local layers of government. This will mean that power is held closer to individuals, and they have more say over local decisions.
  • Protecting our environment. We want to protect our environment by switching to renewable energy sources. We also want to encourage businesses to move towards more environmentally friendly forms of production.
  • Equality of opportunity. This means that everyone, regardless of their race, sex, gender, ethnicity, religion, age, disabilities or sexual orientation, should have equal opportunities in life.