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Local power looks at how Metro Mayors can shake the UK out of it’s productivity slump.

A woman dressed in blue holding a large orange sheet of paper. She is also wearing an orange builders hat. In the background there are two cranes and buildings as silhouettes behind. The paper says "Local power: How Metro Mayors can help shake the UK out of it’s productivity slump". Briefing paper. By Alexander Rose, September 21st 2022. Centre Think Tank ISSN 2634-4696".

Local power: How Metro Mayors can help shake the UK out of it’s productivity slump.

This paper looks at ways the government can close tax loopholes and clamp down on tax havens. It also deals more generally with tax avoidance and evasion.

Quick summary

  • The UK is faced by an unprecedented productivity crisis which is damaging the economy and living standards. This isn’t a problem that impacts every part of the UK equally- some areas have very high productivity whilst others are very low.
  • This paper argues that Metro Mayors are often best placed to identify and support measures which increase productivity.  Therefore, government should empower Metro Mayors to deliver this role.
  • Areas without a Metro Mayor must not be left behind. Proposals such as County Deals are a step in the right direction but need to be accelerated and improved to present a genuine alternative.
  • In particular, the government should ditch the “earned confidence” approach, to promote a direct link between areas coming up with good ideas and economic improvements.  Mayors should be given greater powers and funding but this must be balanced with safeguards on public money.


Alexander Rose

Public Funding Lawyer at DW

Alexander is a former Government Lawyer and is now one of the UK's leading Public Funding lawyers now working at DWF. He was also a former European Commission Secondee.